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This design session is for you if you would like to chat through your ideas with an interior designer.


You will get to tap into our extensive industry knowledge and we will give you some advice and solutions regarding your new build, renovation or commercial project.

​Do any of the below statements resonate with you? If so, we're here to help.

•    I would like some feedback on my plans that have already been drawn by my draughtsman or architect
•    I have sorted the majority of the interiors myself but would really like some feedback and advice on my product and material selections
•    I would like to know where to source some great lighting for my project
•    I'm finding it difficult to know where to go for quality furniture or products that are within my budget
•    I have a kitchen and bathroom design but would love to give it a little more design flair
•    I would like some advice on the right colour palette for my project 
•    I am feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made and would like some help ensuring the final result will look cohesive and timeless 

Click on the link below, then send us an e-mail and we can make a time to assist you with any of your design dilemmas - big or small.

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