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"We could not have completed our new house build to the standard it is, without the experience and expertise that Talia brought. She brings a superior sophistication to her designs, and this is evident from the first moment of meeting her to discuss ideas, through to planning and implementation.


"Through her well established local, national and global networks Talia was able to recommend and access top quality products for us.


"On a personal level having Talia involved in our build reduced a significant amount of potential stress for us. She brings knowledge, industry know-how, enthusiasm, style and most importantly solutions to the table.


"Our only regret in this process was not involving Talia in the planning and design for our new home much earlier than we did. She has exceptional vision for spaces in terms of how they function as well as high quality design detail, and we do really wish she had been involved in the architectural planning stage for that reason.


"For anyone planning a new house build or major renovation, we can only recommend that they talk to Talia as the very first step in their project planning and design!"

Claire and Robbie Checketts


"My business Erban spa was looking dated and in need of a modern overhaul working with the concept of nature, in a scandi style, gender neutral space that was confined within a historic building.

"Talia and I looked at inspirational spas and beauty businesses around the world and I loved all her design suggestions which were well thought out and have made for an easy care, warm and welcoming space that works effectively for our clients and team.  

"Talia listened to our vision and came up with a beautiful design incorporating a serene colour palette, outstanding joinery/storage design and luxurious touches that have our clients commenting on a daily basis.

"Her cohesive approach to the overall design, working within the budget and delivering it with fun and enthusiasm, around an operational business almost has me wanting to do another business project with Talia Taylor Design!

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her skills to anyone wanting the latest design concepts from around the globe."

Jess Luxton 


"We have worked with Talia on both development projects and personal design work.


"She has always been excellent to work with and has saved us a lot of time and money with her experience in managing the process - from conception and design to communication and implementation.


"Her eye for detail and sense of long-term design trends means we can trust her judgement and get a great result."


Joe Nidd, DN Innovations Limited and Nidd Realty Limited

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"We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Talia.


"In addition to Talia having fabulous design concepts and being able to source beautiful products, she was flexible, attentive to our needs and able to interpret our somewhat jumbled brief!


"She also had strong technical knowledge and worked very well with our builders and subcontractors.


"We felt her service offered excellent value for money, we love the end result and would highly recommend her services."

Sharon and Richard Fulton


"Talia was an absolute magician when it came to bringing everything together for our renovation.


"She listened and created a beautiful plan incorporating all our ideas. Her knowledge, style, and attention to detail is next level. 

"We adore our renovation and are forever thankful for the incredible work Talia did to give us our stunning space. 


"Thank you so much to the amazing Talia Taylor! You are one very talented lady."

John and Tara Blaikie


“I knew what I wanted but I found it difficult to articulate my vision as such, Talia was excellent at being able to pull colours and materials together to help us achieve the result we were after.


"I was a little conservative so she was able to push me (away from just white walls!) which I was grateful for, as I wouldn’t have been brave enough if I was choosing the colours myself. 


"She always had a smile on her face which was great, as a sense of humour was often required in what was often a stressful process.”

Kate and Adrian Ferris


"Talia is incredibly talented and exceptional at achieving a well-considered outcome.  


"She ensures every project is completed to the highest standard and plays a pivotal role in achieving amazing results. 


"Talia never fails to exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend her for any interior project."

Macaela Van Aart

Residential Renovation | Roslyn 

"Talia took all the stress out of our renovation – the value she adds is in the way she applies her design aesthetic and ideas with a practicality that recognises spaces are for living easily and comfortably, as well as looking great!


"When you work full time, having someone with the extensive knowledge and contacts that Talia does, meant our renovations ran smoothly and efficiently, minimising the disruption to us and our family.  Her understanding of the renovation process, meant we - and our trades, got huge benefit from her oversight and involvement.


"We were very satisfied with the service provided by Talia and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services."

Rowena and James Davenport

"With her fabulous vision, eye for colour and attention to detail, we are delighted with our renovation designed by Talia.


"So much so we had Talia provide design input into stage 2 of our home renovation and also design a beautiful interior update at our commercial office.


"Each time the end result has exceeded our expectations, with beautiful, functional, timeless spaces which have not pushed the budget. Talia is a delight to work with.


"She is an experienced and skilled designer who we don’t hesitate to recommend to others."

Louise and Gareth Taylor

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