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TTD is directed towards delivering complete interior schemes for residential new builds and renovations as well as boutique commercial projects.


We understand that renovating or building can be one of the biggest financial decisions you may make and it can sometimes be an arduous or even stressful process. Our approach is to make the journey as accessible and enjoyable for you as possible. 

You will already have your own ideas for your project, however working collaboratively with an interior designer will ensure your space not only works functionally but also has a cohesive, timeless and beautiful aesthetic. 

When building or renovating there are so many decisions to be made and depending on the size of your project, the list of finishes and products that need to be selected can vary greatly. Every client is unique. We aim to design spaces that reflect your individual style and personality, fit with your lifestyle and meet your budget.


It can be beneficial for your architect or architectural draughtsperson, builder and interior designer to meet early on in the project to ensure your spaces are designed to maximise your interior vision. 












1. Initial Briefing


Sharing of your project, ideas, timeline, budget and any existing
architectural plans. Ultimately, I get clear on exactly what you are trying to achieve. This enables me to understand the type of design service you require and how I can help.

2. Concept

This includes a series of inspiration images along with layout options, design ideas and suggestions. From here we work together to make any necessary changes to the concept to ensure you are happy with the direction of your project.

3. Spatial Planning + Design

The the complex parts of the home are designed first. For example, kitchens, bathrooms and bespoke joinery requirements. Initially these are presented in 2D format before the detailed design phase gets
underway and 3D designs are created. These also include elevations and dimensioned plans
that will be required by your builder and other tradespeople. I create these using the latest software and technology to provide you with a clear indication of the final result.

4. Developed Design + Materials Selection

Design documentation outlines the products and materials to be that will be
used in your project.

This generally includes, but is not limited to: 

  • exterior and interior finishes selections​  

  • interior and exterior colour schemes

  • hard and soft flooring

  • window treatments 

  • fittings and fixtures 

  • lighting specifications and layout

  • electrical specification and layout

5. Procurement

During the procurement phase, requests are submitted for quotes from my suppliers for every item specified for your project. Sourcing is time consuming and there's a lot of detail that needs to be covered off to ensure you get exactly what is required.


For example, the process for ordering a custom sofa is outlined below:

  • measure the correct size and shape for the space

  • order fabric samples

  • meet with you and discuss the pros and cons of the shortlisted fabric choices

  • obtain pricing and availability for the frame, cushion type and your selected fabric

  • confirm the order in writing with the supplier

  • obtain accurate shipping costs and confirm that you are happy with them

  • complete invoice for deposit 

  • initiate the order with the supplier and pay the deposit

  • remain in constant contact with the supplier to ensure there are no issues with the order and ensure it will be delivered on the expected delivery date

  • liaise with the freight carrier once the item has arrived and organise delivery to site (if an item is damaged, we would also need to document the damage, communicate the issue with the supplier and work on getting a replacement sorted as soon as possible.)

7. Design Management

I am available throughout the crucial construction and installation stage to work with trades on-site to ensure the integrity of the design is maintained.


If you are interested in our interior design services, please e-mail